• It is known that physical activities are an essential part of having a satisfactory quality of life. Activities encourage forming social interactions, enhance self-worth, and strengthen biological functions. This is especially true for children with special needs. Even further, according to the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, the benefits of physical activities for persons with disabilities are immeasurable: Read More
  • On Saturday, July 8th, National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center hosted a wonderful workshop at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm which they entitled, “Journey to Relaxation.” During their “journey”, all participants got to pick a beautiful bouquet of lavender whilst drinking their favorite teas. The sunny, picturesque field served as a perfect place to hold a gathering. Upon arriving at the Read More
  • National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center gathered at Roer’s Zoofari in Vienna, VA on Saturday July 1st 2017 for a sunny summer “Day at the Zoo!” Friends of all ages met for an afternoon of interaction, laughter, exploration of amazing animals, a birthday celebration with lunch and a special Zoofari bus tour! As we met, we greeted both old and Read More
  • Many people in the world have special needs and disabilities. Often disabilities arise from brain and nervous system dysfunctions. These changes can be caused by genetic mutations and/or tetragons, which are factors that lead to the malformation of an embryo. Even small changes to brain structure and genetic makeup can lead to one developing a disability. Research has found that Read More
  • This summer has been full of adventures for local nonprofit National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center. During the month of July National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center hosted awesome events that helped to bring joy and a sense of community to a lot of people. These events included a trip to the zoo, a trip to a lavender field, free Read More
  • National Integrative Wellness Center, based in Alexandria VA, is a nonprofit organization offering programs aimed at instructing special needs individuals in order to empower them and unlock their uniques skills and potentials’. Among the various programs that will be offered this spring is Adapted Sunshine Yoga and Mindfulness. The sessions, adapted for students with special needs, will be taught by Read More