On Saturday, May 12, 2018, National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center ( formerly Your Sunshine) hosted the Hidden Talents Shine Up 2018. The talent show was hosted so children, youth, and adults with special needs could show off their talents and prove to the world that anything is possible. The talent show started with a speech from the founder of National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center, Anastasia Martynova. Martynova started off by introducing the company and then introducing herself and her own personal struggles with special needs and being different. Martynova encouraged the audience to help each other develop their confidence through exploration of talent and strength, hence the talent show. The first act of the night was a beautiful gymnastics performance by Mary Chen. Chen had decided to perform tonight because of her strong desires to build up communities and empower women to pursue their dreams no matter the obstacle that stand in the way. Following Chen’s performance Gordan came to the stage to share his journey of becoming a man when faced with man medical challenges. Gordon shared his story with the audience and also shared the amazing news that he will be headed off to college to double major in history and geography. His story truly proved that anyone has what it takes to make a dream come true. After getting a little geography lesson form Gordon the audience were astounded to find a cat on the stage. Anastasia had astounded all of us in her cat costume that evening showing us how movement, dance, and gymnastics can be used in a creative form of self-expression. The next inspiring performer to come up to the stage was Jenna. Jenna is both blind and is autistic, however, she doesn’t stop her disabilities from pursuing her dream. Jenna graced us with her amazing voice in singing two pieces for us, one of them being “Ave Maria”. Jenna definitely showed us what she could do and she is a true gift to the rest of the world. After Jenna’s performance was over the audience was visited by a few Disney princesses. Ana (Frozen), Tiana (Princess and the Frog), and Belle (Beauty and the Beast) surprised the audience and there were nothing but smiles in the room. The children were overcome with joy at the sight of their favorite movie characters brought to life. One of the amazing performers from the show, Jacob, was the happiest of them all claiming Ana to be his ‘girlfriend’. Jacob was one of the last performers on the show and he left with a bang. Jacob played his Indian DHOL drums and electronic percussion to ‘Despacito’ and an Indian Bollywood favorite. After Jacob’s stellar performance on the drums, we heard another amazing jazz performance on the saxophone by Joshua. Joshua is a man who expresses himself through his music despite of his autism. He plays in the church and in a band called Music Workshop, which is a special needs band. He’s been playing the saxophone as well as the clarinet since he was eleven years old. He astounded the crowd with his skills on the saxophone and definitely impressed the princesses. The next performer coming to the stage was little Dima. Dima is very bright and a musically inclined pianist. He is very passionate about his music. Through his strength and determination, he was able to stay motivated and become very advanced in his skills. Dima played two wonderful pieces for us and proved just how talented and advanced his is on the piano. Lastly, we had Sarah Jacobs come up to the podium to give an inspirational speech to the audience. She moved the audiences’ hearts as she talked about her experience with a child who had special needs and how that experience changed her life. At the end of the show the adults and kids were allowed to get on the dance floor and play games with the princesses. It’s safe to say that this is a talent show that no one will ever forget.

Nowadays, children often aren’t given the time to center themselves and think in a quiet and safe area. Even when kids do have the time to do so their attention is then drawn to social media, television, video games or another type of technology. A way to help kids improve and grow in their social skills and become confident in themselves they could participate in yoga. Yoga is a practice that trains the body and mind to become self-aware and observant of their surroundings. Participating in yoga practices can help kids become more confident and strong within themselves. It could also improve their involvement in both the classroom and with others.

Practicing yoga can help kids become more confident and strong within themselves. Yoga helps both strengthen the body and because of this kids have a sense of strength within themselves which builds their confidence level. Also, because yoga helps in developing the body kids will have a better posture and their breathing methods will improve. Yoga is often underestimated by most as a simple stretching method, but it’s so much more. Yoga can be used for building body strength and talking through the exercises with your child could even improve their body awareness as well as coordination. As kids build strength and become more self-aware of their beings they will gradually start to become healthier and you will see an improvement. Kids will be able to maintain a healthy weight, digest food better, breathe easier and protect their bones and joints.

Yoga can improve kids involvement in the classroom and with their peers. In order to effectively succeed in the practice of yoga, there has to be a sort of focus there. Yoga forces kids to focus on not only themselves but also their surroundings. Due to there being no other outside distractions such as television, video games, tablets and so on kids are focused on only themselves and what they can hear around them. Kids will gradually become more attentive and have more involvement not only as they practice yoga but also in the classroom and with their peers.

We hosted an Explore Health and Wellness Expo this past Saturday March 23, 2019! The event was a huge success with having vendors such as Kaiser Permanente, CALM Classroom, JucieIsLife, Isha Foundation, Fairfax Mental Health and Wellness, Be Well with Mel, In My Heart, Yoga Toka, and many more! And it was located at Providence Community Center in Fairfax. Our event was to promote local businesses that encourage Health and Wellness. We had over 150+ attendees, who gave very positive feedback to the event! We have mindfulness mediation, yoga, hula, sound healing, and many more classes during the event. We also had a range of amazing speakers such as New Heart for Life, Jorge Lugo, Nitin Adsul, etc.! It was truly an event where people were able to connect with new people, gain experiences, and find new health services.

Overall the event was an amazing success, and everyone had and great time. This event will be an annual event, so for anyone that couldn’t make it this year look forward to it next year!

We want to thank all the vendors and speakers for who with them there wouldn’t have been an expo! Also want to thank all the volunteers that came to help and who the reason the event could run smoothly!

Spring Dance Party 2019

After our Health and Wellness Expo, we had the Spring Dance Party 2019, from 5-7pm. This event was also another hit from music, dancing, games, food, and princesses such as Moana and Belle from Beauty and the Beast! This was a great way to let loose after the expo event and went along with the idea of Health and Wellness, because sometimes all you need to do it dance and be happy with the people around you. Everyone left happy and content with the Dance Party!

National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center is a 501(c) 3 charitable nonprofit organization that was created by a core group of enthusiastic, philanthropic, and dedicated founders with a deep passion for effecting change in the human condition. Your Sunshine’s mission is to enrich and improve the social, physical, emotional, and recreational capabilities of all children, youth, and adults, so that they can fully discover and develop their full potential in a nurturing environment, and be prepared to make a positive impact in the world.The main objective driving each new day at National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center is to turn limitations into possibilities. Our founder, Anastasia Martynova, grew up as an individual with special needs and gained lifelong insights through her first-hand experiences of what it truly feels like to be different from others. Ms. Martynova devoted to deliver the robust programs and curriculum to persons with special needs to best help them develop skills, talents, and friendships, provide the support of community, and to empower them and add worth and value to their view of themselves.

Since 2016, National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center ( formerly Your Sunshine) has been very active at the community offering classes, day camps inclusive for all, recreational and social events, customized birthday celebrations, and a wide array of workshops and classes. We also have been offering after-school programs that provide students with academic enrichment opportunities, as well as additional activities designed to complement the districts’ academic programs. Since the first days of our dedicated service, we engaged over 250 volunteers, conducted 50 programs, classes, and events, and touched the hearts of over 400 kids, youth, and adults. We also successfully launched and hosted our Hidden Talents Shine Up Talent Show for the last two years where 18 performers impressed the audience with their amazing performances and over 200 people came to support the show. We hosted successfully our second annual Hidden Talent Show. National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center organized two annual health and wellness events free of charge to all community to raise awareness about healthy living and over 800 people participated in those events.