Explore Health and Wellness Expo and Spring Dance 2019

We hosted an Explore Health and Wellness Expo this past Saturday March 23, 2019! The event was a huge success with having vendors such as Kaiser Permanente, CALM Classroom, JucieIsLife, Isha Foundation, Fairfax Mental Health and Wellness, Be Well with Mel, In My Heart, Yoga Toka, and many more! And it was located at Providence Community Center in Fairfax. Our event was to promote local businesses that encourage Health and Wellness. We had over 150+ attendees, who gave very positive feedback to the event! We have mindfulness mediation, yoga, hula, sound healing, and many more classes during the event. We also had a range of amazing speakers such as New Heart for Life, Jorge Lugo, Nitin Adsul, etc.! It was truly an event where people were able to connect with new people, gain experiences, and find new health services.

Overall the event was an amazing success, and everyone had and great time. This event will be an annual event, so for anyone that couldn’t make it this year look forward to it next year!

We want to thank all the vendors and speakers for who with them there wouldn’t have been an expo! Also want to thank all the volunteers that came to help and who the reason the event could run smoothly!

Spring Dance Party 2019

After our Health and Wellness Expo, we had the Spring Dance Party 2019, from 5-7pm. This event was also another hit from music, dancing, games, food, and princesses such as Moana and Belle from Beauty and the Beast! This was a great way to let loose after the expo event and went along with the idea of Health and Wellness, because sometimes all you need to do it dance and be happy with the people around you. Everyone left happy and content with the Dance Party!

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