Gene Martynova introduces singing bowls at local VA school

During one of National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center’s kindergarten movement classes, Gene Martynova, who is a sound therapist, taught students about different types of sound and crystal bowls. Gene asked students if they know what it means to take a sound bath and if they had ever experienced it. Kids had many unique answers but all of them had sparked imaginations as to what it could possibly mean starting from music to cleansing, washing, and sleeping. Gene explained that singing bowls could be made of either precious metals or crystals and she demonstrated different bowls to students. Specifically, she focused on the Rose Quartz Singing Bowl. The rose quartz crystal represents self-love, self-acceptance, and love for others. First, all students passed around a breathing heart by holding a special heart, deeply inhaling, and exhaling and then sharing with the entire class who they love the most. Gene was so amazed to hear all answers like family, teachers, schools, friend, all planets, universe, and the entire galaxy and infinity.

By the end of the class, all children demonstrated immense interest to learn and they developed a deep connection to the Rose Quartz Singing bowl that they all played and listened to its special sound. They explored how to Use Sound and vibrational tools for their emotional wellbeing. The singing bowl is a highly effective tool to help children with focusing, relaxation, and concentration.

Based on Gene’s immense experience working with families, children, and individuals with special needs, she has witnessed the benefits of singing crystal bowls, such as relaxation, stress relief, reduction of anxiety, feelings of well-being and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Gemstones and crystals are a natural way to monitor our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Children in particular have a profound connection with these natural crystals and gemstones and their healing properties, and these gemstones and crystals have been used in various cultures from China to India for thousands of years for their medicinal and healing properties. Each stone is known for it’s own unique healing property, and their various shapes, colors and textures all hold special meanings and powers that allow the gemstone or crystal to do their work.

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