National Integrative Wellness Center Gets People Moving!

On January 6, National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center hosted a successful community event – the Zumba GoGo in Falls Church, Virginia. Even with the low temperature of 15 degrees, we had an amazing turn out of over 400 people! We danced, ate, caught up with old friends, made new friends, and most importantly… had fun! The goal of this event was to promote the importance of being active and healthy while having fun. At the event, there was group Zumba, which is an aerobic workout that includes dancing and moving to music. (Zumba feels more like a dance party than a workout.)

We think dance is important because it is a way to get exercise, boost your immune system, and enhance your mood. When we dance, our bodies release endorphins which produce a soothing and calming effect that can help relieve stress and anxiety. The community’s health and wellness is very important to us which is why we hold events like the Zumba GoGo. We truly want to bring joy to our community while being active and meeting new people. Also at the event, we had line dancing, arts and crafts, food, a live DJ, and games with prizes! It was truly a success and that is because of our community’s involvement.

From here at National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center, we would like to give a special thanks to all of our volunteers, board members, sponsors, and instructors for making the incredible event happen. Thank you to everyone who joined us for showing support on raising awareness about health and wellness with no judgment. I hope everyone had as much fun dancing and getting active as we did. We feel proud to be a part of this loving community! Keep checking the website for more upcoming events.

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