National Integrative Wellness Center to Offer Adapted Yoga

National Integrative Wellness Center, based in Alexandria VA, is a nonprofit organization offering programs aimed at instructing special needs individuals in order to empower them and unlock their uniques skills and potentials’. Among the various programs that will be offered this spring is Adapted Sunshine Yoga and Mindfulness. The sessions, adapted for students with special needs, will be taught by organization president and founder Anastasia Martynova.

As a certified (kids, adults, and special needs) yoga instructor, Ms. Martynova is committed to guiding students through experiencing the deep meaning behind yoga practices. Her goal through her organization’s programs is to give each student the tools for self-acceptance and self-love. Having grown up as a child with special needs herself, Martynova gained significant insights through her experiences. She thus has a particular understanding of and dedication towards children and youth with special needs. Martynova sees the importance of looking beyond limitations in order to reach one’s full potential. She is devoted to delivering her organization’s programs to help special needs individuals develop their talents and skills, highlight their self-worth, live well and productively, and feel the support of community.

The adapted yoga and mindfulness sessions includes a sequence of yoga poses (all of which modifications are offered for), breathing techniques, color therapy, self-massage, positive self-talk therapy, and mindful relaxation techniques. The aim of these techniques is for all students to achieve the benefits, such as mind-body alignment and improved stamina and balance, that these practices cultivate.

Other special needs programs offered by Your Sunshine include dance and movement therapy, social skills groups, conquering anxiety, and back to nature.

More information on National Integrative Wellness Center’s classes and events can be found at or on the organization Facebook page. Those wishing to sign up for Adaptive Yoga and Mindfulness (or any other classes) can contact National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center by phone at (202) 317-0496 or via email at

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