National Integrative Wellness & Resource Center~ Day at the Zoo!

National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center gathered at Roer’s Zoofari in Vienna, VA on Saturday July 1st 2017 for a sunny summer “Day at the Zoo!” Friends of all ages met for an afternoon of interaction, laughter, exploration of amazing animals, a birthday celebration with lunch and a special Zoofari bus tour!

As we met, we greeted both old and new friends and jumped right into the fun! As we walked around, we pointed out and remarked on the many exotic and familiar barnyard animals. We enjoyed hand-feeding and petting the friendly goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and more! Being able to touch, watch, feel, smell and talk about our sensory experiences in action was exhilarating. At every turn, someone was pointing and shouting with enthusiasm, “look over there!” Just when we found a monkey or a fox, there was an exciting new experience around the corner where we found camels, giraffes, parrots and even snakes and spiders in their habitats.

We enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch while talking with friends about their pasts, their interests and what excited them most about their surroundings at the zoo! We even celebrated a special birthday with song, treats and presents. A strong summer storm blew through and soon revealed beautiful blues, grays, whites and bright yellow sunshine with some sun-showers. A few of our friends even got a little wet and cooled off in the summer mist and rain, which was welcomed and refreshing!

We were fortunate to have a private bus tour on the beautiful grounds while the bus stopped multiple times allowing us to reach out the windows to pet and snap close up pictures of llamas, buffalo, watsui, emus, zebra, deer and many more beautiful and peaceful creatures!

As we parted ways, we hugged, laughed and thanked all our friends for a fun, explorative and exciting day at the zoo, looking forward to the next event hosted by Your Sunshine where we we could share kindness and warmth as we explore, learn and grow individually and together!

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