Our Story

National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center is a nonprofit organization that serves as a comprehensive resource to assist people seeking to heal, thrive, and transform their lives. 

Our Founder, Anastasia Martynova is a living proof that the center can be successful. Despite of her challenges of growing up with disabilities, she empowered herself to strive and be an example to others. After several years of research and practice of mind-body techniques, she noticed substantial health and well-being improvements which helped her to improve her challenges. Anastasia doesn’t want people to give up. People with special needs can heal if there are organizations that would care about their emotional, physical, and financial challenges. We welcome everyone of all ages and all walks of life. Our goal is to create a friendly environment that caters to our local communityand be a resource center for all.

  • 2,300 kids, youth, adults served

  • 51 schools served

  • 230 new instructors trained

  • Over 11,300 volunteer hours of dedicated service

  • 16 annual events with attendance of 250 people

  • 23 workshops for community and individuals with disabilities


To improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people seeking to turn their limitations into possibilities


Creating welcoming and inclusive home for everybody to live life to the fullest


– Develop customized programs based on listening to the needs of customers
– Empower our customers with knowledge and tools to lead their path to healing
– Create an environment for social connection and interaction

Who we serve:
- Physically challenged 
- Emotional and Mental Conditions 

- Intellectual Developmental Disability 
- Trauma Survivors, Veterans & Seniors

We offer health and wellness classes as well services at discounted rates to economically disadvantaged students; affordable after-school programs; therapeutic programs for special needs; emotional support groups; trainings & professional development courses; complementary and alternative therapies; community events; educational resources about alternative therapies, new cutting age frontier innovations, and integrative medicine. 

National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center combines knowledge with the action of both clinical and community stakeholders, to achieve social change, improve health outcomes and eliminate health disparities among the communities that we serve.

Your support directly impacting our mission and helping us to offer classes to our local community.

We transform daily people’s lives, especially those with disabilities to overcome their physical, mental, and emotional challenges that are holding them back in life.

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